Dasbodh Chapter 1: Subchapter 1


The Text Commences





The listener asks, "What is this text, what is said here, and after listening to it, what happens?"

The text is named Dasbodh. It is a dialogue between the Master (Guru) and the disciple. Herein is clearly explained the path of devotion.

In these pages is told the "Nine-fold" path of devotion. Knowledge, as well as the signs of detachment, are also explained here.

The fact that human beings can surely attain "God" by devotion, is the significance of this text.

Mainly the confirmation of devotion, and the "Self," is said here. The Master is confirmed of all that he declares.

The resolution and confirmation of pure instruction, of merging with the Self, and of attainment of liberation is told here.

The confirmation of the "Pure State," the "Disembodied State," and the "State of Detachment" is explained here.

Basically the confirmation of the intimate relation between God and devotee, the Self (Atma) and Supreme Self (ParamAtma), and, the individual, with the Absolute is explained here.

The confirmation of various views and opinions about Brahman, and the confirmation of Self-Knowledge is explained here.

Also one will find various forms of worship, many different poetic styles, and many signs of wisdom are explained here.

The manifestation of Illusion, the nature of five elements, and who the doer is; this understanding comes here.

Many suspicions are cleared, many doubts and fears are warded off, and many questions are answered here.

The explanation of the most important texts, with their essence is translated. It is impossible to tell all that is contained herein at one time.

Nevertheless, the complete Dasbodh with its every chapter discloses and reveals knowledge.

The knowledge here is in accordance with many texts, especially the Upanishads, Vedanta, and Shruti, but it mainly comes from "Self-experience" in accordance with different spiritual scriptures.

Many text, scriptures and literatures agree with it, so careful not call it invalid. This will be explained up front now.

Being envious and ignorant, those who call this text untrue, slander the knowledge of all the scriptures (Vedanta texts), and "Divine Statements" ( The Mahavakyas)

* The four Mahavakyas; Tattvamasi, Prajnanam Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi, and Ayam Atma Brahma, are Vedic declarations, or statements, which emphasize the oneness of the Self (Atman), with Brahman, or "I am Brahman"

Contained here is the knowledge that has flown down from Shiva, Rama, Dattatraya, and many Great Masters, and from the Vedas and Vedanta.

The Bhagawad Gita, Hansa Gita, Pandava Gita, Ganesha Gita, Yama Gita, the Upanishads, and Bhagwata, these are the various texts from where the knowledge of Dasbodh is supported.

All these various texts, with their teachings, and the "Divine Statement" (I am Brahman) full of meaning, is stated definitely.

Who is it that does not believe in the Divine Statements? Everything said in this text is nothing other than God's statement.

Without studying the complete text, one who unnecessarily judges it is ignorant, and does so only out of envy.

With pride, erupts envy. With envy comes resentment. This leads to anger, which grows stronger.

Like this, one gets completely spoiled, full of desire and anger. The ego changes one's attitude, this is clearly seen in one's behavior.

One who is drenched with desires and anger cannot truthfully be called a "Human Being."

For the time being, let's stop the talk. Take accordingly to your capacity, but let go of the ego. That is the best.

Whatever questions that the listeners may have in their minds, will be explained here in a condensed way.

The fruit of listening to this text is that there is an immediate change in one's action and attitude. The root of doubt gets cut off suddenly.

Listening to this text, one comes to know the easy way to liberation, without difficult and torturous practices.

Here, ignorance, sorrow, and delusion get destroyed, and there is an immediate acquisition of knowledge. This is the return, or gain derived from this text.

To acquire detachment is the ultimate fortune for yogis. They develop "Ultimate Skill" with the power of discrimination.

Listening to this, the deluded, vicious minded, and ill-omened, will become auspicious, clever, logical and discerning, realizing the need to use time wisely.

The lazy become alert, the wicked repent, and the critics begin to honor and worship the path of devotion.

The ignorant will become aspirants, the foolish will become vigilant, and non-believers in the devotional path will attain liberation through the path of devotion.

Many faults and defects are destroyed, those who are identified with the body will become pure and righteous, and human beings will surely attain the absolute path merely by listening to this text.

Many dangers of embodiment, many offshoots of doubts, and many miseries of the worldly life get destroyed, by only listening.

Such are the returns of this text. By listening to it one can avoid downfall in life, and the mind will find peace and contentment.

Each will reap as per one's perception. One who holds envy and malice, will only get back the same.

Thus ends the first subchapter of a Guru and disciple conversation in Dasbodh entitled; The Text Commences